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Take TWO

Take TWO

Take 2

Lives: Jacksonville, Florida; Occupation: Pupil; Age: Twenty; Born: July 7; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 97 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Hipsters; Anal: Savour it; BJs: Totally swallow; Diddle: A lot.

We posted a different picture set of Chloe yesterday. She brought her hubby in for a tryout. Well, we thought they were admirable, but we couldn’t make up our minds about whether or not they were ready for the bigger in size than run of the mill time. We asked them to come back and to take our directions more seriously.

Take a close see both of the sets and see if you can notice the difference. We think that Chloe gives sexier looks in this set, and she seems to be less nervous, which is always a precious thing when you’re screwing on-camera.

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Glazed Diamond

Glazed Diamond

Glazed Diamond

“I adore to dance. I adore to perform,” said 64-year-old divorcee, Mamma and grandmother Diamond Red, who this day is performing in her 1st bonk movie. In it, that babe brings her guy inside her abode and tells him, “We have to hurry in advance of my son acquires home. I crave you to screw me really wonderful. I urge you to copulate me truly stiff. I want u to stick that bigger than run of the mill weenie inside of me. Do you think you can handle it?”

Yep, he can handle it. That petticoat chaser bonks Diamond’s mouth and cunt with his 33-year-old knob and cums all over her pretty face.

“I like teasing and taunting and making people urge more but not giving it to them,” told Diamond, who doesn’t hold back here. “I’ve always danced. Ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom. It’s just such precious exercise, and coz I like to flirt so much, it was just a natural progression to do this.”

A natural progression for her. Not for almost any babes. That is what makes 60Plus MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK special. Diamond might not have ended up here if not for her ally Leah L’Amour, who suggested that babe do this.

This hot redhead and her ladies man are swingers’. One day, another husband said to her, “What would you think if we brought more people into our raunchy lives?”

This babe was not sure about that. “He told, ‘There’s a great lap dancing club in Miami. You don’t must do everything u don’t wanna do. You can wear your hawt little hot garments. It is a great place to dance. Fine buffet dinner.’ So we went, and it was so much enjoyment. So then we went back many more times, and over the years, I introduced other dudes to the lifestyle, and they all appeared to be to adore it. I’ve been in the lifestyle on and off for years.”

And now this babe is doing porn. A natural progression.

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Fucking Nadia’s tight asshole

Rogering Nadia’s constricted asshole

Fucking Nadia's constricted asshole

Nadia Night sucks and gags on Jimmy’s wang then gets her cum-hole and ass rogered every which way in her second clip at Nadia said us in the interview that that babe used to have plenty of sex but hadn’t had it in a during the time that previous to this scene. That babe was a little nervous about it, so that babe had her big-dicked spouse bonk her gazoo the night previous to. She was still a little nervous when it came time to shag the porno pecker, but as you are about to see, Nadia had no reason to be nervous. That babe enjoyed having a porno knob in her tight butt.

Nadia is Fourty years old. She has scoops that are bigger in size than typical enough for SCORELAND, and, in fact, that’s where that babe started glamour modeling. That babe has a taut body and constricted screw holes.

“Oh, yep, it’s taut!” Nadia said of her backdoor.

Nadia offered this tip for lads who wanna bonk their wife or girlfriend’s a-hole the right way.

“Just play with the cum-hole and play with the ass and get it all naughty and moist,” that babe told.

In other words, don’t just pop it in.

Nadia told us she enjoys “everything that involves the ocean.” She at not time wears briefs. She says this babe dresses “sexy, sassy and fleshly.” That babe desires to go SCUBA diving, but this babe hasn’t yet.

Hey, if a female can get ass-fucked on-camera, this babe can definitely go diving. That is our opinion.

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Slender SEXY HOUSEWIFE fuck toy acquires some

Skinny SEXY HOUSEWIFE bonk toy acquires some

Montana is a 41-year-old M.I.L.F. from Chicago, Illinois. This babe is constricted and fuckable at 5’6″, 107 pounds, 34-24-32. By that, we mean that babe is so slim and her cookie is so nicely hairless that this babe makes rods look bigger in size. Watch what we’re saying? You will when u watch her widening her anal opening whilst getting drilled (slim chicks’ assholes are more prominent than fat girls’ assholes).

Okay, so here’s the skinny on Montana: That babe enjoys tennis, softball, cross-country dripping, flag football and is a fan of the Chicago Cubs in baseball and the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins in football. That babe likes outdoorsy lads, and if u ever get her into bed (or wish to receive her into daybed), rub-down her feet.

“I’ll melt for you,” Montana told.

This babe had her wildest erotic meeting in a broom closet at her sister’s wedding.

“Me and this boy I would just met on the dance floor did it in the janitor’s cart,” Montana said, proving when you’re built love her, u can do it anywhere.


Diamond is a cock’s best friend

Diamond is a cock’s superlatively priceless ally

Diamond is a cock's finest friend

Diamond Red, who’s 64 years aged, makes her worldwide hardcore initial appearance by engulfing and banging a 33-year-old’s jock. That is nothing fresh for this Mommy and divorcee from Arizona, who regularly dates dudes half her age.

“I’ve been with a stud as young as Thirty three, and now I’m seeing a guy who’s Thirty nine, and he just loves aged babes,” said Diamond, who’s a super-slim and hawt redhead. “But fellows are guys and honey bunnys are hotties. There’s no admirable age or bad age.”

True, but there are more worthy ages, and 64 is one of them.

Diamond is a Mom of 2 and a grandmother of four, and when we asked her if the people that babe knows would be surprised to watch her here, that babe told, “Some yes and some no. I’ve a wide multiformity of allies. Some would be shocked and would at no time talk to me once more. Others would urge to know when my movie will be out so they can buy it.”

One ally who wouldn’t be surprised: 60Plus MILF Leah L’Amour, who sent her our way.

“I love Leah. That babe is so full of life and she’s so fetching, but that babe is not solely gracious on the outdoors. She’s stylish on the inside, also.

“One day this babe was telling me about what this babe did at, and this babe said, ‘Diamond, u would just adore it! U need to walk around with scarcely any fashionable clothes on and u need to engulf wang! You’ve to shag! And because u perform and ‘coz you’re so out there, I suppose you’d be consummate, so you should go for it.’ And anything that babe told me was very truthful and honest.”

By performing, Leah was referring to the fact that Diamond used to dance burlesque. And now she’s stripping on a juvenile guy’s knob and opening her throat for his cum. Letting it ooze onto her charming funbags, also.

This Diamond is a cock’s foremost friend.

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Stella Cox

Stella Cox Stella Cox
Stella Cox @
Dirty talk. We all do it. We all love it. Stella Cox and her Spouse have a small in number fetishes they love to talk about as they fuck: Stella cheating; Stella with a well-endowed dark lady-killer; Stella screwing the well-endowed dark-skinned Lothario whilst Husband watches her. Guess what? It is their anniversary! Three years of marital bliss, with lots of sex and bawdy talk. Spouse is treating Stella to an expensive dinner to celebrate. Stella has numerous gifts to give, as well! The first? She’s intend to change into some of Hubby’s very beloved underware and give him a exotic dance. She’ll tanalise and grind before bringing out The Bigger in size than standard Gift: her well-endowed, darksome paramour! Look at how Boyfriend reacts as dream quickly turns to reality!! Stella suggests all three holes to her paramour, even cleaning off his heavy black weenie after pulling it with out her gazoo! The Bull drops his boyz and leaves, which means "private time" begins with Stella and Partner!
Stella Cox Stella Cox

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Young Face. Greater than typical Milk shakes.

Young Face. Large Bouncy bosoms.

Lives: Orlando, Florida; Occupation: Theme park worker; Age: Twenty two; Born: July 4; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 135 pounds; Bras: 34DD; Panties: Lace; Anal: Sometimes; BJs: Swallow a bit then spit; Diddle: 2-3 times a month.

“For the final year or so, I’ve been screwing a FWB who I have known since we were six,” said Araya. “We’ve said for a while it was time for us to move on and, in fact, I set him up with the gal this chab is now go out with. We were just getting into wazoo sex–something new for the one and the other of us. I wanted to screw a fellow to experience having sex with a well-hung boy who knows what it takes to fully pleasure a cutie.”

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How did Nadia get ready for her anal scene? That babe practiced!

How did Nadia acquire willing for her anal scene? This babe practiced!

It is not that 40-year-old Nadia Night had at no time had a bit of booty in advance of. That babe had. A lot of times. But this stacked, exotic sweetheart hadn’t been rogered in the gazoo for a lengthy time, and that babe was a little bit nervous about taking a larger than typical porn pecker in her taut rectal hole. So what did that babe do? She practiced.

“My partner banged me in the gazoo. This stud has a truly bigger than typical ramrod, and I thought, ‘This will aid me receive willing for my scene, so this chab banged me in the booty. I told to my partner, ‘Hey, I need you to bonk me in the booty cuz I’ve to do this scene tomorrow and I am really nervous about it.’ This chab said, ‘Okay, I’ll be right there.’

“We went to the bonk store, a random naughty fuck store, and that buck bought this sex toy thing and this anal ease stuff, and then we put it on his shlong and he put it on me. Then that stud just started putting his fingers in my ass, playing with my love tunnel, and then this chab started putting his ramrod in my wazoo a little at a time, cuz u must get past that one point, and I was love, ‘Just do it already! Just copulate me in the arse!’ So this smooth operator fucked me in the ass, and lastly I said, ‘This is why I love this.’ It feels fine one time it’s in there. It stimulates my cum-hole and my butt at the same time.”

So, when Jimmy showed up with his porn-sized jock, Nadia’s rectal hole was willing for it. This chab rogered her snatch and wazoo every which way then discharged his load on her marvelous face.

Proving, once once more, that practice makes perfect.

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Need to Know Aza

Must Know Aza

Get to Know Aza

Quick Facts:

Aza is from Detriot. She’s 5’6″ tall, weighs about 125 pounds, and wears a 36B-cup brassiere. This babe enjoys writing screenplays, going for hikes, meeting fresh people, and gonna strip clubs. This babe normally doesn’t wear any briefs, and she is into bad boys. “Guys with tattoos and a pair of piercings are my kryptonite. If a smooth operator has a fine sense of humor, also, I’ll probably jump into couch quicker than I should,” that babe told us.

Aza has some specific fetishes that this babe urges to explore.

“I’ve always wanted to use a strap-on on a man. I’d be truly gentle, but no skirt chaser has taken me up on the opportunity.”

That babe needs a lot of erotic attention

“I’m a chronic masturbator. I masturbate about four to five times a day. I usually use my cute, pink vibrator. Sometimes I double up and use a clit teaser, also!”

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Getting to know Cuban MILF Zoraya Mora

Getting to know Cuban Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK Zoraya Mora

Getting to know Cuban SEXY HOUSEWIFE Zoraya Mora

“Cuban gals are very handsome and very adventurous,” says Zoraya Mora, a 42-year-old wife and Mamma who was born in Havana and now lives in South Florida. Zoraya is very marvelous. That babe is too very exotic with her lengthy, darksome hair, bigger in size than standard knockers and greater than typical round wazoo. But she was not always adventurous, and she tells us the interesting story of her life in this pre-fuck interview.

By the way, her spouse was standing five feet away while this interview was taking place. He is her second husband. Zoraya’s 1st boyfriend would have blown a gasket if that buck thought his wife was thinking about doing this. But now Zoraya can do soever that babe wishes. Engulf off 12 lads in a swinging couples disrobe clubs. Acquire DP’d by her husband and a boy they just met.

Interesting thing about Zoraya: Her 1st husband was her college enjoyable heart. Until this babe divorced him, that gent was the solely lady-killer she’d ever had sex with. Then this babe met her new partner. That lady-killer became the second woman chaser she’d had sex with. So, other than married couples and Jax, the Lothario that babe bonks in her first appearance, Zoraya has had sex with solely 2 males.

Relish the interview then savour Zoraya.

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Today on the BBC: cum cocktails!

Today on the BBC: cum cocktails!

Today on the BBC: cum cocktails!

“I’ve not at all stripped. I’m not a swinger. I am not a nudist,” told 50-year-old divorcee and Mama Lexy Cougar.

But that babe has those strippers, swingers and nudists beat ‘coz she’s had sex on-camera for all the world to see. Even taken a large porn 10-Pounder up her constricted wazoo. And now, in her first movie scene at (we met her at, Lexy is plan to engulf and fuck a bigger in size than typical, dark-skinned cock and then drink cum without a champagne glass.

Hey, even plenty of porn stars have at no time done that.

“My Fourty’s were amazing, probably the almost all wondrous years,” Lexy said. “I’m more secure with myself and I know what I love and crave. I was very shy in my 20s. I came without it a little in my 30s, and in my Fourty’s, I went in the other direction.”

And now that babe is in her Fiftys and continuing in that direction.

“I think that just has to do with being juvenile and not knowing as much and experiencing the ups and downs. In your 20’s and 30s, you are all worried about them instead of yourself. U wanna impress people for the wrong reasons.”

Now she’s impressing people for the right reasons. Identify out how that babe handles that BBC!

Of course, that babe is relishing herself, also, and that is what matters.

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Julia Ann

Julia Ann Julia Ann
Julia Ann @
Dr. Julia Ann can’t live out of her job. This babe is the head physician for the local University, and that babe specializes in athletic injuries. This babe is a sexy, sexy cougar, and the main reason that babe can’t live without her job so much? All the young athletes that babe acquires to investigate…both literally and physically! Take Ricky Johnson, for instance. Dr. Julia has had her eye on him for a lengthy time. Ricky’s go shin splints, but that is not going to avoid Dr. Julia from making Ricky disrobe in nature’s garb. To his surprise, Dr. Julia reaches up his gown, grabs his balls, and tells him to turn his head and cough! "What’s this gotta do with shun splints?" asks a confused Ricky. U know where this one is going. Dr. Julia sure does! That is why that babe scheduled Ricky’s exam so early…before the University employees arrives! This will likewise give Dr. Julia time to clean Ricky’s colossal pop discharged off her attractive face and boobies previous to they arrive to the office!
Julia Ann Julia Ann
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Stand-up comedian sits down on hard cock

Stand-up comedian sits down on subrigid jock

Stand-up comedian sits down on unbending cock

Jamie Foster, a 48-year-old divorcee, makes her on-camera engulfing and banging debut, but before she does, she sits down for an interview. We have a surprise for her.

“How was your drive over?” our interviewer asks her.

“The drive over was chill,” that babe says. “Beautiful horse country. Even the driver was cute. This man was super-hot.”

“What would you do if I told you that the driver is the chap who’s plan to screw you later?” this stud asks.

“I would say, ‘Tell me the motherfucking truth.'”

Well, he’s, and when Carlos–her driver–shows up, she’s ready for act and so is he. Cant blame him. Jamie is a sexy, slim domme with a great little body, and there’s smth very sensual about her.

“I’m pervy, I’m kinky,” she said. “I’m sorta addicted to my Hitachi. I’m in a long-term relationship with a force tool, so that’s a large part of it! I like stamina. I like a lad who can go for a lengthy time.”

Carlos goes for a ages, fucking her each which way and cumming in her face hole.

There was a very priceless reason Jamie wasn’t nervous about breaking her hardcore cherry.

“I’ve been doing standup comedy for Twenty years,” she told. “I do it four or five times a week, so for me, doing porn isn’t even the almost all freaky, stressful thing I have ever done. It’s enjoyment.”

Jamie has lots of joy in this scene. That babe appears to be love a female who has plenty of joy all the time.

“I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist, like when I was younger I’d flash people and make nasty phone calls, and as I grew up, I got more and more into naked modeling, and it started with swimsuit glamour modeling and then it became more and more adult and now I’m moving onto hardcore and my 1st sex discharge this day.”

Welcome to the club, Jamie.

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