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Your destiny is to jack to Destiny

Your destiny is to jack to Destiny

“Knowing that people are watching me, imagining that they are screwing me, is hawt,” told Destiny Williams, a apprentice (and wife) from what that babe calls “Lower, Slower Delaware.” “I think about them getting aroused watching me, and that makes it even hotter. I was a dancer on and off for about Twenty years, which almost all people I know still do not know about. I was likewise a teacher until a scarcely any years agone. But now I’m revealing the real me!”

Destiny found out about Fourty something when that babe saw it at an adult book store.

“The cover was hawt! I truly liked the quality of the pictures and I thought I’d be a precious fit, so I contacted u throughout the web resource. I loved doing my 1st shag scene. I got my legs all the way up, and this lady-killer put his penis in my bawdy cleft. It was actually larger than average and thick. Then this gent banged me so unbending, this chab was hammering away at my poor, little wet crack. I could feel his wang getting even harder and I knew this skirt chaser was plan to explode. And this chap did! This chab came inside my muff! It was so wicked and thrilling!”

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Barbie Kelley – A nasty cougar!

A nasty cougar!

A wicked cougar!

Lives: Abilene, Texas; Occupation: Sales rep.; Age: 38; Born: September Thirty; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 155 pounds; Bras: 36DD; Panties: Colorful cotton; Anal: Sure; BJs: I love sucking balls; Diddle: Certainly.

“My being on the web resource is gonna be a surprise birthday present for my boyfriend,” said Barbie. So, who took the fotos? “A girl who joins us in daybed every few weeks. We’re swingers’ and we often have a single angel or lad join us for a night of anything-goes sex. We all cum till we’re fatigued. I love eating soaked cookie whilst my man’s doing me doggie style. And I like being DPed just as much. I would adore to have eight or nine boyz taking turns to fuck me. I wanna feel my love tunnel all stretched and hawt and slippery and feel one guy’s cum dripping down my ass crack while another guy’s doing me. Thinking about it drives me potty!”

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“I know we just met, but would you fuck my ass?”

When we asked 41-year-old Stacie Starr if this babe loves anal dance, that babe told, “Yes, but I love most of all it and have fun it more when I am in a monogamous relationship.”

Well, we acquire to report that Stacie and the stud who’s banging her ass in these pix met about 10 minutes before the scene started. As far as we know, thet have not watched each other once since this chap rogered her gazoo and came all over her nice-looking face. And yet, when we asked Stacie if that babe enjoyed getting ass-fucked by a complete and total stranger, that babe told, “Fuck, yeah! I loved it!” You’ll hear how much she loved it when u observe the clip.

Stacie grew up in upstate Recent York and lives in Florida. That babe has worked as a customer service manager, but that babe desires to be a porn star. The first time this babe was here, she said us, “I’m orally bewitched. I adore to engulf shlong. I relish light thraldom and hair-pulling. I adore having my gazoo spanked. I love choking on shlong.”

That babe too said us this babe has a 19-year-old son who drove her to the airport for her 1st discharge. And guess what? That gent drove her to the airport one more time for her ass-fucking! Now that is what we call family values!

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Kara Novak – Christening Kara’s Condo

Christening Kara’s Condo

Christening Kara's Condo

Kara is excited about having moved into a recent condo. Her boy is wanton. She wishes to put up curtains and tidy the place. This lady-killer wants to christen it. That babe tells him to focus on tidying up. This dude says this chab is focused…on getting some. A little bit of vagina fingering under her shorts and a scarcely any well-placed kisses from her slutty boy convince Kara that, perhaps, they can take a short break. To get her in the mood, her lad pulls down her shorts and belts and does a little eating at the Y. So Kara says “screw the chores…screw me!” They undress, this babe licks and sucks his prick and they must screwing on the bed and beyond.

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Donna Marie – A new MILF to Czech out

A recent MILF to Czech out

A recent M.I.L.F. to Czech out

MILFS come from everywhere. Donna Marie is our 1st 50Plus MILF whose scene was shot in the Czech Republic (Prague, to be exact). She’s a 54-year-old divorcee, Mommy and grandmother who has worked various jobs as a office assistant and administrative assistant. This babe has not at all been a guitar teacher, although you’ll probably figure that out in the 1st few seconds of this scene. As a guitar teacher, she’s not very worthwhile. As a Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK who fucks, she is great. Donna Marie enjoys swimming, skiing and horseback riding. This babe wears knickers in the cold, Czech winters and goes commando (commandette?) in the spring and summer. She told us, “I would love to have sex with one more dominatrix-bitch.” This babe has sex at least four times a week, likes having her slit eaten and describes herself as sexually assured. Afresh, you’ll see that when this babe pops a tit in the dude’s face hole. So have fun Donna Marie. Will you ever see her one time more? Maybe. Maybe not. But why worry about the future?

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Jayden Pierson – Dressed To Fuck

Clothed To Fuck

Dressed To Fuck

Jayden knows what she is doing. A gal doesn’t go out in a short tartan skirt and fuck-me boots and not expect to acquire any attention. But it’s all part of her plan. “I masturbate daily, but I need the real thing, also. If you do not believe how horny I am, I skipped school just so I could seek sex! Usually I rub one out 1st thing in the morning, but this day I was like, ‘Fuck it. I am gonna get some knob.’ So I put on my hot schoolgirl outfit to make the hunt a little easier. My cookie was so succulent while I was contemplating around on that bench that I was willing to fuck the first boy who came up to me. It was merely minutes in advance of some stud pulled up and offered me a ride. I not quite came right there because I was so wanton.”

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Bella South – For her voyeur husband

For her voyeur spouse

For her voyeur boyfriend

Lives: Lexington, Kentucky; Occupation: Student; Age: Twenty; Born: January 1; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 124 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Any that are hot; Anal: I have attempted it; BJs: Always drink; Diddle: Certainly.

“Riding Jimmy’s dick–the biggest one that is ever been inside me–soon had me creaming adore kooky and I had 2 large orgasms which were unexpected bonuses,” said Bella. “It was an experience I’ll at not time forget. My chap especially wanted to see me getting a facial, so that is what Jimmy did. My boy has at not time asked to do it to me, so I was surprised by his request. But then anew, he’d already surprised me when that smooth operator asked me to acquire screwed. I never knew about the nasty, voyeur thing this chab is got going. Now that I know about it, I’ve got some suggestions about other voyeur-type things we can try.”

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Kay DeLynn – Fuck me, Kay!

Fuck me, Kay!

Fuck me, Kay!

This scene opens with Tony stroking 44-year-old Kay DeLynn’s vagina beneath her panties. No setup. None needed. Kay is obviously overcome with cumming, and it is solely a matter of time before that babe sticks his 10-Pounder in her mouth and then her slit.

“Put your fingers in there,” Kay says as Tony fingers her bald twat. “Am I luscious?” And then, within 1:05 of her first-ever hardcore video, Kay is cumming on-camera. So much for first-time jitters. That babe even sucks her twat juices off his fingers, a real competent porn-star move…or just smth aged babes do because it’s sexy?

“I wish your strapon inside me,” Kay says.

What? No orall-service first?

Don’t worry. Kay sucks him off…but not until this chab has coated his wang with her love tunnel juices.

This is one red-hot scene by a female who told us, “Anyone who knows me would be shocked to watch me here.” We’re assuming she means her 2 sons, likewise.

And that is what is all about.

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Juvenile pupil strikes chord with 54-year-old MILF/GILF

Young pupil strikes chord with 54-year-old MILF/GILF

Donna Marie, a 54-year-old MILF from Prague, Czechia, is giving 27-year-old Dennis a guitar. Not very successfully, by the way. This Lothario sucks at playing the guitar. Or maybe he’s distracted by Donna Marie’s D-cup melons, which are pouring out of her corset.

“Can I touch?” that charmer asks.

“Sure,” that babe says. Hey, if that babe can’t train this lad how to play the guitar, this babe might as well acquire something out of the afternoon. What Donna Marie gets is a mouthful of wang, a drilled pussy and cum all over her face.

Born on November 4, 1959, Donna is a divorcee with children and grandchildren. She says the people who know her would be “very surprised” to watch her screwing and mouthing on-camera, although maybe not all the people who know her since she’s a swinger and a nudist.

“I once had sex in an elevator of an office building in Prague,” Donna told. “We did not acquire caught, but maybe that was ‘coz we went very fast. That dude put his schlong in me doggy style.”

This lady-killer would probably not be surprised to see her here.

There’s more of Donna Marie to come, including her first XXX clip at But after that, no more guitar lessons. Promise.

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Cassidy – Living The Anal Life

Living The Anal Life

Living The Anal Life

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now living in Las Vegas, Cassidy, 51, first visited our studio in 2009 and said us, “One of the reasons I decided to pose is ‘coz I am hoping one of your well-hung males urges to bonk my ass.” Well, that happened in Copulate My Aged Booty #3, and now it’s happening again in Chocolate Stuffed SEXY HOUSEWIVES vol. THREE and Tag-Teaming Grannies. There is a lot more to this short ‘n’ Big-Boob woman than just her love of anal. But we decided to focus on anal.

Fourty something: You were 40 something when we saw u how many years ago?

CASSIDY: I guess it was three years ago.

40something: And you did an anal scene. Do you remember it?

CASSIDY: Yes, I do. It was with the plumber! He was in my house! My pipes were broken and I needed a plumber, and I was going out but that woman chaser was late, and when that stud finally got there I was truly kooky and said him I needed my pipes fixed. And he told, “I’ll fix your pipes,” and that was it. This chab was over by the kitchen sink and I was standing right there and he started playing with my leg and told, “Don’t be mad. I’ll make you feel more fine.” And then we got into it. I sucked his rod and then we rogered.

40something: In real life, have u ever had sex with a plumber?

CASSIDY: Actually, I have, and you know what? This man did come to my house and that buck was delightful and we went out. We did not do it that day, but we did. I was living in Sherman Oaks, California. I was in my early 40s, and the sink needed to be fixed, and I opened the Yellow Pages and he came. And he turned out to be truly cute, and previous to this smooth operator left, he told, “Can I receive your number?” and I said yep. This fellow was a lot younger than me. So we hung out and had sex, and if you are wondering, yes, we did have ace shag.

Fourty something: Okay. Let me think of one more porn things that might have happened to you. Sex with the pizza buck?

CASSIDY: No, not at any time the pizza gent, but I had sex with a doctor. I don’t want to acquire him in a predicament, but after I had my daughter, he was the ladies man who did my boob jobs, and we went out after that lady-killer did them.

40something: You had sex?

CASSIDY: Yes. Anal-copulation, likewise. I suppose I’ve anal invasion with just about every lad I’ve sex with.

Fourty something: How about a rock star?

CASSIDY: Yeah. I used to be married to a rock star.

40something: Cassidy, you’re consummate for boys who love women short ‘n’ big breasted.

CASSIDY: I think! All through college, ‘cuz I was a gymnast, all the basketball and football players used to love me. I have always been with bigger than typical studs. I cant quite give some lads a oral-job whilst the one and the other of us are standing! All I need to do is squat a little. My 1st husband was six-four.

Fourty something: What’s your feeling about anal beads?

CASSIDY: I would rather just have a dildo or a rod up there instead of these little beads. That is what I prefer.

40 something: Gang bangs?

CASSIDY: I have by no means done one, but I would. I never did Dual Penetration, either. Yet. I’ve lived a very colorful life. And I guess it is intend to acquire even more worthy!

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Melanie Hicks – Her 1st man cream pie

Her first spunk pie

Her 1st creampie

Lives: Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Occupation: Bartender; Age: 25; Born: March Twenty two; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 34D; Panties: Panties; Anal: Will try it anew with the right buck; BJs: Don’t give them very often; Diddle: Sometimes.

“I wasn’t very adventurous when it comes to sex but I suppose it’s coz the dudes I’ve slept with did not have much imagination and just wanted to receive off,” said Melanie. I let myself go totally with Johnny and really got into banging. I had thought that I would have to fake an bigger than typical O, but I had an intense one. Johnny’s schlong felt awesome in me. I figured that this chab would cum on my face, but when that buck said about giving me a sex cream pie I wasn’t sure what this chab was talking about. But I nodded that I was up for it. It is definitely the almost all impure sex thing I have ever able. I totally loved it!”

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Bryce Taylor – Porked By The Peeper

Porked By The Peeper

Porked By The Peeper

A Peeping Tom receives way more than this chab could have ever hoped for when this gent looks in Bryce’s bedroom window. The amorous hottie is lying on her daybed, working up to a diddling session. As that babe acquires lascivious, that babe sheds her daisy dukes, t-shirt, undergarment and belts and actually lays into her grip, working it while lying on her back and then during the time that up on all fours. Then that babe pays attention the Peeping Tom–or did this babe know this lady-killer was there all along? That babe beckons him in and, within seconds, that charmer is eating her out. This chab gets rewarded for this with a worthwhile cocksucking, then they acquire down to some hard-and-loud screwing.

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From working accomplished to rogering professionally!

From working expert to fucking professionally!

“Anyone who knows me would be shocked to see me here!” said Kay DeLynn, a 44-year-old first-timer from South Carolina. “I am quiet, reserved, well-spoken and skilled.”

We do not know about the quiet part (we’ll inspect about that when Kay makes her hardcore video debut), but Kay appears to be well-spoken to us. Reserved? We’re not also sure about that. Kay went pretty wild over our stunt cock’s cock. And accustomed? Well, as of right now, Kay is a paid model, so that makes her competent.

Kay is a divorced Mom of 2 teenage dudes. That babe measures 36-28-36. She’s 5’8″ and weighs approximately 138 pounds. She has managed day care centers, sold ads and worked as an investment banker. And now, she’s a porno star!

“I went to a undressed pool party one time,” Kay said. “But I’m not a swinger.”

Kay can’t live without guys who take charge.

“He needs to make the first move,” she said, “unless it’s a longer-term relationship.”

She says she has sex “as much as possible.” That babe can have sex at as often as she urges.

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