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That babe is the commonplace woman-next-door. This is not usual.

She's the everyday woman-next-door. This is not run of the mill.

“I’m your everyday woman-next-door,” told Kandi Jones, a 41-year-old wife and first-timer who’s not so everyday in this scene. For one, she’s fucking on-camera for the 1st time. Almost all women don’t bonk on-camera. For one more, she goes very deep on Bambino’s greater than typical penis. Receives it all the way down her throat and looks into the digi camera while she’s doing so. That babe sucks his nuts, also. Then that babe copulates him. Then she spreads her throat for his cum. And that babe does all of this during the time that her partner of 20 years is sat a scarcely any feet away off-camera.

Hmmmm…typical woman-next-door? We do not think so.

But we’ll let Kandi, who lives in South Florida, tell her story.

“My boyfriend always thought I was more handsome than I thought I was. This chab always encouraged me to unveil off a little. That petticoat chaser would take fotos of me and we would do the at-home sex clips thing. One time we went to Vegas, and this stud took me to the Green Door, and we met a pair, and the second evening, I felt comfortable enough to actually have sex. Not jointly, but we had sex in the same room, and then the next night, we met up with them again, and that babe and I got together. So that was our 1st take on an adventurous erotic exploration. It was very thrilling and very hot.

“We visited a couple of other sex lap dancing clubs, and I detected that I really like being exposed and I indeed love when people observe me. We moved to Key West about six years ago and started spending plenty of time at the Garden of Eden. I got hit on a lot, so my husband started encouraging me to watch if anyone wanted to come home with us. And we did. Brought home a petite in number sailors. A lot of young fellows.

“My spouse encouraged me to apply to The SCORE Group. I kind of laughed him off. I indeed thought there was no way u would desire me, so I just let him insert the application, and then, lo and behold, I got a phone call from The SCORE Group. I’ve at not time been more wanton. I really, truly hope that you relish watching my episodes. It is my 1st time having sex on-camera. I’m a little nervous. A lot nervous! He is a total stranger, so if you’re ready, I’m ready. Here we go!”

Watch More of Kandi Jones at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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Texas Rose bonks on-camera for the first time

Texas Rose bonks on-camera for the first time

“Before I met my boyfriend, you would have probably classified me as a Victorian kind of goddess,” told Texas Rose, a 57-year-old Mamma, grandmother and divorcee from San Antonio, Texas. “Long dresses. Fully overspread. I had a job. I was raising a family and I was not into this. I had at not time used a vibrator or any kind of toy previous to I was divorced.”

That was in 2010. But, as the saying goes, that was then. This is now.

Now, Rose has gangbangs with lads that babe is just met…even blindfolded gang bangs with boys she’d at no time met. She owns a few toys, including a Hitachi Magic Wand. She’s had sex with a 23-year-old. It was a birthday present from her allies. She’s into S&M. And now this babe is doing this: having sex on-camera for the 1st time.

Six or seven years ago, the thought of doing porn had not at any time crossed her mind.

“I was a wonderful angel,” that babe said. “I not ever would have thought of that.”

Now she’s a very worthwhile goddess who’s not merely thinking about it. She’s doing it. Here, she’s a full-bosomed realtor who’s doing it with Peter, who’s Thirty four years younger than her. That babe sucks his schlong. She fucks him every which way. That dude cums on her big tits.

Rose can’t imagine what her ex-spouse would think if he saw this. This chab was a prude. Always wanted to have sex with the lights off.

The new Rose? She’ll have sex with the lights on or the lights off, and everyone’s invited!

By the way, this babe was sent our way by 60Plus HORNY HOUSEWIFE Leah L’Amour. Thank you, Leah!

Watch More of Texas Rose at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Nadia’s 1st scene is a pisser!

Nadia's 1st scene is a pisser!

Nadia Night is taking a shower when the plumber shows up. This chab knocks on the door and walks into her apartment.

“I’m here for the plumbing,” this chab says. You are damn right that stud is.

“I’m in here,” she says.

This dude walks toward her washroom. “Your plumbing seems precious,” this chab says. “Are you sure u need my assistance?”

“Yeah, come in here,” this babe says.

“Cover up. I’m coming in.”

That skirt chaser comes in. This babe doesn’t cover up. She’s starkers. She tells him to sit down. Don’t plumbers have all the luck?

“There’s nothing not right with my plumbing,” that babe says, and she proves it by taking a urinate right there in the shower. Then this babe proves there is no thing not correct with her mouth by giving him a head. Then this buck uses his pipe to plug her vagina.

As we told, don’t plumbers have all the luck?

These of u who too subscribe to SCORELAND might remember Nadia. That babe is a huge titted girl who loved rogering on-camera. She’s still a biggest titted honey bunny who likes fucking on-camera, except now she’s 40 something.

And, yep, she does have a make water fetish.

That babe rarely wears knickers.

“I adore taking the risk,” that babe told.

She’s into anal job, and that’s something you’ll see her doing soon. She’s not a swinger. That babe thinks stylish raiment are overrated. This babe prepared for her scenes at by screwing a big weenie the night before that babe came here.

Got to like a woman who cums prepared.

Watch More of Nadia Night at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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Texas Rose’s wild, swinging life

Texas Rose’s wild, swinging life

Texas Rose's wild, swinging life

Texas Rose, a 57-year-old Mother, grandmother and divorcee from San Antonio, Texas, proves that life starts at Fifty. She had been stuck in a boring marriage. The sex was same-old, same-old. That babe endevoured to break her ex-hubby with out his shell, but that man remained clammed up.

Bad move by that lad. This babe divorced him. But, then once more, how was that man supposed to know that his curvaceous, monster boobed wife would one day be into gangbangs? That she’d be a swinger? That she’d love screwing younger hawt boyz. That she’d end up in our studio…having sex on-camera for the 1st time?

“Everyone I know would be very surprised to see me here,” Rose said. “I work in the corporate world.”

Well, not everyone that babe knows would be surprised. Her husband, who helped introduce her to the swinging world, would not be surprised. Nor would the seven chaps who bent her over a massage table, handcuffed and blindfolded her and drilled her each which way. Rose loved it, by the way.

Here, we’ve to know Rose. She’s, in almost every way, the woman-next-door.

Notice how we told “almost”

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Pregnant Cravings

Pregnant Cravings

Preggo Cravings

Missy is preggo. That’s no secret. Observe her enlarged tits, her humongous areolae and her round abdomen. How preggy that babe is, however, is a mystery. “I’m not even sure myself,” Missy admitted. “My hubby and I took a travel to Mexico for our anniversary a not many months back, so that is probably when it happened. I was kind of in denial about it, but I have made a doctor’s appointment. I urge to do something wild previous to I become a Mother, though. That’s why we sent in those photos.”

“Ever since I got knocked up, I can not avoid thinking about orgasming and having sex. When my husband is weary, I’ll lie next to him and masturbate. It is uncontrollable!”

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Brit Bush

Brit Bush

Brit Bush

Hey Fawna, do the British chaps like to munch on your bush?

“I would not know. I have never had one go down there! I hope they do coz I don’t fancy shaving too much. I hairless down there one time and didn’t like it a bit. Personally I think pubic hair looks valuable on a hotty. I don’t see what the larger than typical deal is with everyone getting rid of it. It is just hair! Everyone had body hair up until the past small in number decades when it became popular to shave it.”

So you’re a virgin? Do you wanna have sex?

“Yes, I am a virgin and I indeed would like to fuck. Now that I’m 8teen I suppose I’m worthy and ready for it. I spend plenty of time playing with myself and thinking of all the things I’d love to try. For instance, I would like to have a shag in the backseat of a restored 1960s Humber Super Snipe. I just love classic cars! But I’m so inexperienced that I get concupiscent just thinking about the first time anybody will lick my fanny and give me a proper shagging. I am diddling myself practically each evening in anticipation of it!”

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Nadia Night pees, shags and receives a creampie

Nadia Night pees, copulates and receives a creampie

Nadia Night, a 40-year-old honey from South Florida who’s making her initial appearance, is a pisser. We mean that literally and figuratively. Figuratively, she is a pisser ‘cuz she’s tons of pleasure to be around and is very outgoing. She’s hot and isn’t coyness about going after what she wants. That babe enjoys being a sex kitten.

“That’s what studs adore and I love being one. I await a boy to screw me worthy and inflexible if I am giving him my body. I’ve had tons of sex, but each time is particular to me. I dress sexy cuz I like dudes to see what they’re going to be getting in couch in advance of we go to bed.

“I give 100% when I copulate a smooth operator. I like being nasty and messy. I adore having a charmer be indeed into my body, go wild on me, shag my juggs, copulate my face hole, suck my nipples. Just give it to me rock hard and do not worry about everything. Screw me like you mean it. The harder I receive rogered, the harder I cum, and that’s priceless for both of us.”

Now, we told this babe is a pisser literally and figuratively. Well, as you are about to watch, Nadia is literally a pisser ‘cuz this babe tinkles when Peter catches her in the shower. She is into the pee fetish, giving and getting. It is not smth we watch tons of around here, but since Nadia was willing to pee for us, we said, “Go right ahead!”

By the way, here at The SCORE Group, we have known Nadia for a lengthy time. She has truly big pointer sisters (they’re DDD-cups), and she posed for SCORE magazine and SCORELAND in 2010. Actually, our history with Nadia goes back even further than that. That babe too has very admirable legs, and this babe posed for Leg Sex in 2001.

Back then, Nadia was Twenty five years aged. Now she is Fourty. This babe doesn’t love to say it. This babe doesn’t like the idea of turning Fourty.

So do Nadia a favour. Let her know how much u like her. Let her know how much u appreciate her banging on-camera and taking a cock juice pie from a porn lady-killer. Cuz hotties love Nadia…there aren’t many adore her, and we urge to keep them cheerful.

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A mom like Lily

A Mother adore Lily

A Mama love Lily

Those MILFS…how do they do it? How do they stay so hawt, hawt and buxom? Majority of them, like 41-year-old Lily Canary, are mommys. They work real jobs. They work all day and take care of their kids, and some of ’em, afresh love Lily, are grandmothers. There was a time when sweethearts started to go downhill when they turned 40, but not anymore. Not at at least. Here, we have fetching, long-legged ladies love Lily. That babe measures 36-24-36, which forever has been the run of the mill of perfection.

But those ladies aren’t just hawt and buxom. They do not just look worthwhile. No. They come to our studios and engulf porn studs’ dongs. They get screwed by these porn schlongs. And Lily (who, by the way, has old-fashioned hair on her twat) finishes things off by jacking her stud’s load into her face hole. Yeah, these MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK eat cum, too!

After all those years, we’re still amazed by the things those ladies do for us. Certainly, they’re doing it for themselves, also.

Now, Lily is from the Czech Republic, and it is no secret that lots of Czech hotty’s do porn. Lily is proving to those 20-year-old Czech porn chicks that they do not receive to stop banging on-camera when they turn 40. Hey, if they desire, they can initiate banging on-camera when they turn 40.

Lily is divorced. She can’t live out of lads who are the teddy bear-type. This babe is a romantic. We asked her if she has any fetishes, and that babe told, “Porn is kinky sufficient for me.”

She’s got that right.

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Katia’s pleased return has a glad ending

Katia's pleased return has a pleased ending

In her first XXX episode scene in seven years, Classy Katia, who’s 63 now (this babe was a 50Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE the first time we saw her in 2011), takes on the jock that started it all for her in 2009. It’s Carlos’ 10-Pounder, and Katia obviously can’t live out of it. Or maybe it is just obvious that this babe missed rogering on-camera and was insane to get back to it. Which she was.

Katia is from Alabama. That babe is a Mama, grandmother and divorcee. This babe says the people who know her would be shocked to see her here, Hey, we were shocked to see her come back after such a lengthy absence. But her return is a great way to finish off the year.

Katia was born on August 3. Her measurements are 34C-25-36. She has blue eyes, and her hobbies including walking and riding horses. This babe has a foot fetish. Back in 2009, she told us that her carnal dream is “being with four boys at once.” Well, seven years later, that babe still hasn’t fulfilled that dream (which, frankly, shocks us ‘cuz she’d have no time rounding up four avid lads to shag her).

We likewise asked her how often she has sex, and that babe said, “About 3 times a month.”

Part of the reason for that’s she’s not a swinger. Some other reason: She’s been busy working and taking care of her family. Otherwise, we might have watched her here sooner.

In any case, relish Katia’s cheerful return and know that there’s lots more of her to come. Hey, you did not think we were going to just discharge one scene after we hadn’t viewed her for so long, did you?

Watch More of Katia at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Bawdy Thirty Present

Ribald Thirty Present

Dirty Thirty Present

“I posed for my boyfriend’s birthday…his 30th birthday,” said Alexia. “We’ve been courting for six months and while we’ve looked at a lot of NN mags jointly at his place, that gent at no time said anything about me posing. So my suggesting it to him was a surprise. This ladies man jumped me right away, and, I swear, his meat-thermometer was larger and harder than I would ever watched it and that chap humped me love crazy, so I knew this chab loved the idea.

“I’d detect it rock hard to start go out with young hot boyz anew if my charmer and I split up,” said Alexia. “The studs about my age that I was with in the past were selfish and clueless in couch and did not appear to be to care if I was relishing myself or not. They just wanted to get into my cookie, cum and be done with it. Now I’ve discovered that having sex can take long time, with tons of teasing, building up to near-cumming and then calming down previous to building up once more; ram adore that. So now I am practically begging to cum the 1st time coz I cant take much more rogering. That is how sex is supposed to be.”

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Classy Katia returns

Chic Katia returns

Classy Katia returns

In what has to be the colossal comeback of the century in the world of hot MILFS, Spruce Katia, one of the most-popular ladies we have ever photographed, returns for the first time in seven years. If u have a chance after you are finished with those photos, identify out the comments on Katia’s previous postings at To say she was popular was an understatement.

One of her admirers told, “I saw Katia a pair of years back and she’s the main reason I joined and this is the first episode I wanted to observe. Katia, your all-over tanned body is pretty and your smoothly shaven twat is truly succulent. U look and action adore a real thrill-seeking sexhibitionist, and I hope that u continue to make clips for the next 10 years!”

Alas, this babe did not. Katia, a Mother, grandmother and divorcee from Alabama, not at any time discharged for anyone but 50PlusMILFs. Oh, she could’ve. But that babe didn’t. And, in all honesty, we thought we’d at no time watch her one more time. After all, that is how it is with majority of our ladies: They glamour model for us a hardly any times, either for the thrill or to cross off an item on their bucket list, then they go on with their lives. Simply put, that babe dropped off our radar.

But then, last month, Katia reappeared. That babe was 63 years old, and that babe wanted to come back.

What do you think we told?

As you’re about to watch, Katia has mature beautifully. We think that babe looks better than ever. And, by sheer coincidence, the gent she’s screwing in this scene is the first buck that babe fucked on-camera at

“Bring her back!” u all told.

And we lastly did.

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Nicky Ferrari and her high-speed sex drive

Nicky Ferrari and her high-speed sex drive

“This bawdy cleft is for you,” 46-year-old Nicky Ferrari says in Spanish in this clip. When that babe says it, she has two fingers buried unfathomable inside her mature wet crack, and u can hear how wet she is. So, not solely is her love tunnel for u…it’s ready for u, likewise.

When the episode opens, Nicky is dressed in a very hawt outfit: a taut, white top, a short skirt and fuck-me pumps. When the top comes off, we see that this babe is wearing hot lingerie. Then it all comes off and Nicky climbs onto the pool table to play with her muff and work her booty. She has bigger in size than standard juggs and dark nipps. That babe has a constricted anal opening.

“I am very moist for u,” Nicky says in Spanish. Through this movie, this babe speaks in English and Spanish.

Nicky is a Mother. She has 2 sons. She is also a pornstar in Southern California, which is where this babe lives. It receive to be interesting to have a sex star as a Mom. What’s that adore? It would make a great reality flaunt. “My mom’s a adult star!”

Nicky is not a swinger and considers herself sexually passive. This babe prefers traditional roles where the fellow makes the first move. She says she loves gentlemen, but that is only until this babe acquires to the bedroom. Then that babe urges a caveman who will bonk her senseless. That babe loves to get banged subrigid and doesn’t mind being called a wench. And she’ll let u cum wherever u wish. With a body adore hers, there’re many options, and you are about to watch all of ’em.

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Scoring with a soccer Mother

Scoring with a soccer Mama

Scoring with a soccer mom

“I’m so wanton,” 43-year-old Samantha Ray says as this babe rubs herself all over. “I’m all by myself. I desire I had a big, unbending knob. It would feel so priceless. I just need one right now.”

That babe turns around and brandishes us her a-hole.

“You adore my butt?” this babe asks. “Ooooh, you wanna lick it? U like that big arse? That big, damp butt?”

Once upon a time, if you told a female-dominant she had a big wazoo, she’d slap you upside your face. U know, “Does this dress make my booty look too large?” the question all studs dreaded? These days are gone, and it is nice to watch a lady like Samantha Ray who’s justifiably contented of her bigger in size than standard, wet gazoo.

“What a clothing,” Samantha Ray’s stud tells her. By hot, that man means that the G-string she is wearing doesn’t cover her anal opening. And then the action begins, and Samantha Ray is a hot, excited performer, much hotter than you’d ever wait from a first-timer…a dominatrix-bitch who has been married to the same boy for 23 years…a PTA Mamma…a lady who spends tons of her time on the sidelines cheering on her kids at sporting events.

A soccer Mama. That’s what she is. We’d say we scored.

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