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The newspaper boy gets some MILF ass

The newspaper boy gets some MILF ass

The newspaper boy gets some MILF ass

Destiny Anne, a 52-year-old MILF from Tampa, Florida, is sitting on her couch, enjoying the afternoon. Translation: She’s rubbing her pussy underneath her sexy white panties and playing with her big, fake tits. They’re DD-cups, and she’s only five-feet tall, which means she’s short and stacked, but that’s a story for another time. For now, we’ve got a great birds-eye view of her tits and pussy, and Destiny Anne is moaning, really getting into herself. And then…


Son of a bitch! The newspaper boy just just chucked the daily paper through Destiny Anne’s front window, scattering glass all over the place. Destiny’s pissed, not because of the messy cleanup or the expense involved but because she was just about to cum.

“Who broke my window?” she stands up and says. She tucks her tits back into her lingerie top, opens the front door and says, “Hey, you, get in here. Did you do this? Who’s gonna pay for this?”

Well, it turns out that the newspaper dude is gonna pay for it, and not with his hard-earned tip money but with his hard cock.

“I think you need to take care of me since I couldn’t take care of myself,” Destiny says before getting down on her knees and sucking his cock.

Pussy fucking follows, of course, followed by a special treat: Destiny Anne takes the newspaper boy in her tight ass. And not just the tip. No. Tips are for a job well done. This guy broke her window, and Destiny wants the whole thing.


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When her son’s away, Mom plays

When her son’s away, Mom plays

When her son's away, Mom plays

Two guys are sitting around talking.

“She’s hot,” one of them says.

“It’s my mom, man. Don’t even think about it.”

Well, mom shows up. It’s 43-year-old Sindi Star, and when she squeezes past where the friend is sitting, she practically shoves her ass in his face, drawing a shake of the head from her disgusted son. Poor kid. It’s not easy having a MILF slut for a mom.

“Are you sure you’re his mom?” tact-lacking friend says, “You two look nothing alike.”

“My dad, bro'” the son says. “She has a thing for dark-skinned men.”

“I sure do,” mom says.

Yeah, and guess what? The friend happens to have dark skin, and then the son gets a call on his cell phone, and then mom and the friend are left alone together.

We’ll let you figure out what happens next, but put it this way: If mom was planning on going for a facial today, she got one at home.

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When Irish eyes are sucking and fucking BBC

When Irish eyes are sucking and fucking BBC

Avalynne O’Brien, who was born in Ireland and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is the epitome of the MILF-next-door, looks wise. She’s hot in a woman-next-door way, and her body is tight and right. She’s a part-time model, a part-time student and she’s 45 years old with a smokin’ 36-25-35 body. She enjoys rollerblading, biking, Pilates and fucking. Her hobbies including going to the beach, reading, hiking…and fucking. Avalynne says she doesn’t have any sexual fantasies.

“I only deal in reality,” she said.

An interview with Avalynne starts this video. Don’t worry. She’ll will get to the fucking soon enough, but first we get to know her. She tells us early on that she has a 23-year-old kid, which puts her well into MILF category and makes her tight, hot body even more impressive. Also impressive: Avalynne’s ability to continue the interview while stroking the big, black cock and then while sucking it.

Eventually, the video moves to full-on fucking, and for a little woman, Avalynne takes Lucas’s thick cock hard and deep. And that’s what’s called the fuck of the Irish.

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Quoth Raven, “Cum on my face!”

Quoth Raven, “Cum on my face!”

Quoth Raven, 'Cum on my face!'

Raven, 40 and divorced, wouldn’t call herself kinky. She isn’t into any fetishes. But she’s definitely one tough mature woman.

“I’m into kickboxing,” she said. “And I like bad boys, the type of guy who never takes no for an answer. I never take no for an answer.”

Chances are very few guys say no to Raven.

“I don’t have any sexual fantasies, but I know what I want,” she said. “I want a man who isn’t going to be nervous or intimidated by me and be aggressive when my head is saying no and my body is saying yes. The guy who fucked me in this scene knew what I wanted and gave it to me.”

Did Raven want cum all over her face?

Watch and find out.


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An offer no man could refuse

An offer no man could refuse

An offer no man could refuse

“My kids are always saying to me, ‘Mom, you’re so boring. Why don’t you loosen up a little?'” said 50something California housewife/MILF Erica Lauren. “They’ll never know the truth!”

The truth is that Erica is a mom. She’s a wife. She’s a part-time executive assistant. And she’s porn star, and that means she take big cocks up her tight asshole, too!

“I always knew I loved having sex while people watched,” she said. “But over the past four years, I’ve discovered that I also love having sex in front of the camera, and the naughtier and nastier the better. Deep-throat blow jobs, DPs, getting fucked in the ass, sucking my ass juices off of a nice, hard cock…I’m down for all of that. Of course, my children don’t know about my secret life. They still think I need to loosen up a bit. But I don’t know how that’s possible.”

One of the great things about Erica is that she doesn’t look like a porn star (or what most people think a porn star looks like). Sure, she’s beautiful, but if you saw her at the mall or the grocery store, you wouldn’t think, “Woman who loves to get her ass slammed on camera by young cocks.” You’d think, “Pretty housewife.” Also in keeping with that non-porn star image, Erica has a bushy pussy.

So here’s Erica playing a sexily dressed college admissions officer who shows up at a prospective student’s house for an impromptu interview. The student seems like a total deadbeat, sitting around playing video games, but the school must really want him because Erica puts her ass on his cock to get him to sign up. And if he doesn’t, well, we don’t think that Erica will have a problem spreading her horny ass for the next prospect.


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The deacon’s ex-wife goes black!

The deacon’s ex-wife goes black!

The deacon's ex-wife goes black!

Once upon a time, Marina Johnson, a 49-year-old housewife who was born in South Carolina and lives in Florida, was a Sunday school teacher. She sang in the church choir. Her husband (ex-husband now) was a deacon. For Marina, doing what you’re about to see her do was the furthest thing from her mind.

“No way,” she said. “I didn’t even have an opinion about girls who did porn because I never thought about it.”

One divorce, one happy marriage and 19 years later, Marina has done a complete 180. Those D-cup tits? Yeah, they’re fake, they’re very nice, they have pointy nipples and Marina never would’ve gotten them if she were still married to her ex. As for sucking and fucking a total stranger on-camera? No way.

“I recently had sex at a swingers club,” she said. “I gave my man a BJ and then climbed on for a ride while the whole room of people watched. What a rush!”

If you met Marina Johnson, you’d think she was a classy Southern belle with a subtle sexuality. Well, there’s absolutely nothing subtle about Marina in this scene. A guy has shown up to do some housework, and Marina’s husband isn’t home. She’s dressed to fuck in a short, red dress, and when she answers the door, she says, “I’d be happy to take care of you.”

She takes care of his big, black cock. The deacon’ll have a heart attack if he sees this.

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Delivery in the rear

Delivery in the rear

Delivery in the rear

For her first on-camera fuck, 59-year-old Summeran Winters reenacts one of our favorite scenarios: MILF seduces the delivery boy. Now, if you’ve ever been a delivery boy, you know this kind of thing happens all the time. Real-life MILFs really do seduce the delivery boy, whether it’s the pizza guy or the supermarket guy.

The thing is, though, usually the delivery boy is on the receiving end of the best blow job of his life. In rare instances, he gets some pussy to fuck. But how often does he get to fuck the MILF in the ass? Almost never, which is what makes this scene so special. That and the fact that he gets to fuck Summeran in the ass on the kitchen table.

“In my personal life, I love anal sex, so why wouldn’t I want to have anal sex my first time in front of the camera?” Summeran said. “Some people make a big deal out of anal sex, but to me, what’s the difference between me having a penis in my pussy or a penis in my ass?”

By our estimate, a few inches, at most.

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The deeper and darker the better

The deeper and darker the better

The deeper and darker the better

“I want a big, black dick deep in my pussy,” redhead Catherine tells us as she models her firm, curvy body and big, round ass. “I can’t wait to feel that huge black cock. Where’s my black dick?”

Black dick shows up, attached to a real person who immediately sets his sights on Catherine’s firm, fake tits. She gets her legs all the way back for the pussy eating then gives the big, black dick a little bit of attention. She licks, she sucks, she goes as deep as she can, which is pretty deep considering that’s a big dick she’s sucking, and when Lucas starts playing with her pussy, she sucks even deeper. Yeah, that’s the ticket! His dick gets rock-hard, and he slams Catherine really hard.

How can a woman who’s only 5’4″, 114 pounds take such a pounding?

“I don’t like when men short-stroke my pussy or my ass,” Catherine said. “I want that dick all the way in so your balls are slapping against me. I want every inch of cock meat!”

Catherine, who’s 46, divorced and from Oregon, lets Lucas take control. And the results are very good.

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50something Cee Cee loves young cock

50something Cee Cee loves young cock

50something Cee Cee loves young cock

Cee Cee, a 56-year-old wife, gives us a point-of-view lesson in how to please an older woman. Of course, she also gives a lesson in how an older woman pleases her young stud. He’s 30 years younger than Cee Cee, which means he’s young enough to be her son.

Notice how good Cee Cee is at jacking this lucky guy’s cock. Notice how rhythmic her cock-riding is. That’s because she’s had plenty of practice. In this scene, you get to learn something…and jack, too!

Cee Cee is from Canada. She’s 5’2″ and has C-cup tits. Even though she’s in her 50s, she wears thong panties. Good for her! She once sucked off her hubby in a club in France while a lot of people watched.

“It was fun,” Cee Cee said. “It got me ready for this.”


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MILF dreams cum true

MILF dreams cum true

MILF dreams cum true

Yasmine, 44, is a therapist. James, her 20-year-old patient, tells her he’s been having dreams about his friends’ moms.

“What are they doing to you?” Yasmine asks.

“They’re always going for my pants,” he says. “I can’t have a dream with a girl my age. It’s always some older woman.”

Yasmine smiles. She tries to be professional, but she can’t help herself. She crosses her legs.

“They cup my balls. They work my shaft,” he goes on. “What kind of younger man like myself thinks about older women all the time?”

He’s been having these dreams two or three times a night. Now his dream is about to come true. Yasmine leans over and strokes his cock through his pants. Then she takes his dick out and sucks it. Then she rides it. Then he cums on her face.

Looks like James is going to keep having those dreams. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

This is Yasmine’s first hardcore video. She’s married and the mother of four. She’s not a nudist or a swinger. She’s just a horny woman who walked into our studio looking for a new adventure.

There’s nothing wrong with that, either.

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Ophelia closes the deal

Ophelia closes the deal

Ophelia closes the deal

Ophelia, a six-foot-tall drink of water with big tits, is a porn star, but she could be a marital therapist.

“I don’t understand couples who sit around watching TV, not talking to each other. If he has a working dick and she has a pussy, they should fuck.”

Ophelia told us that when she was married, sex was the least of her problems with her husband.

“We fucked all the time,” she said. “The problem was, we both wanted to fuck other people. Him fucking other women was alright with me, but me fucking other men wasn’t alright with him. I was having none of that, so we split.”

Ophelia is fucking a lot these days. She fucks men. She fucks women. She fucks a black cock in this scene.

“Black cock, white cock, it doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s hard and knows what it’s doing,” Ophelia said. “As for women, I love when girls are hot and look like they take care of themselves. I think it’s important for a woman to keep her pussy fresh and clean, and when I’m with a woman who has a fresh, clean pussy, I can’t keep my mouth off of it. I’m like that with cock, too. Fresh, clean cock.”

Fresh, clean BBC for Ophelia’s fresh, clean pussy. A perfect combination.

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