Bubbles, Bath, Hooters

Bubbles, Washroom, Boobs

Day one of Alyce, the newest up-and-comer in porn. Those are the first images she ever shot for anyone, so enjoy this porno newbie in all her fresh magnificence.

Alyce normally doesn’t wear thongs. This babe says that her hobbies include singing, going on dates to eat sushi and view movies, playing tennis, and studying for her psychology degree.

“I would say that the weirdest thing about me is that I’ve a fetish for beast tail gazoo plugs! They are ordinary stainless metallic plugs, but the end has, love, a fox tail coming out so when I wear it, it looks like I have a cute tail. They make ’em for all sorts of animals, too. It is not just foxes.

“My kinkiest sexual meeting was after I met a hawt DJ at a local consignment shop’s holiday party. He had just finished his set when I arrived, and I had my two chihuahuas in my arms. That smooth operator came up to me to pet my dogs. I asked him for his number, but this Lothario invited me over to his house instead. After a quick voyage of his abode, he pulled me towards him and kissed me indeed unyielding. Then this smooth operator reached down and pulled off my white fishnet nylons. This man pushed me to the ground and pulled out his knob. It was pornstar larger than average, so I was a pleased girl. We rogered like animals until I was sore. It was probably the roughest and almost any killer sex I’ve ever had.”

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