The Unsurpassable Cougar

The Topmost Cougar

Cassie Cougar is quite a beauty. She’s 5’10” with mind blowing curves and G-cup love melons. That babe is originally from the East Coast but relocated to Arizona. She’s divorced and has one kid. This babe was a Personal Assistant, then a stripper, then a comedy brandish co-host, then a office assistant another time. Now this babe is trying out porn, and she’s liking it more than this babe expected to. Cassie is a down-to-earth Mom who lives a low-key lifestyle. But we’re bringing out–or bringing back–her wild side.

40 something: U were a comedy flaunt co-host?
CASSIE: Yes. Years ago I was working as a dancer, and those boyz came in looking for cuties to do foxy boxing. Through that I met this person who was into stand-up comedy, and I started doing his comedy unveil. I was his co-host. We had a public access cable flaunt. We used to go on journey. It was kind of a large deal for about two years.

Fourty something: Where was this?
CASSIE: In Recent York and Recent Jersey. It was mostly public access back in the day when they had community channels.

40 something: What were u doing as his co-host?
CASSIE: I would bring up the guests. I’d do interviews. I’d be on the panel. I did lots of jumping and bouncing and saying “Yaaay.”

40 something: So you were a hawt co-host.
CASSIE: Yeah. I’d wear skin-tight dresses, high heels, low-cut tops, bikinis. I had lines and there was tons of improv. It was joy.

40something: So you were on TV and doing all this ram. Why were you nervous coming here?
CASSIE: ‘cuz this is sex with a stranger in a roomfull of people that I hadn’t known before. I never did anything at this level previous to.

Fourty something: When you come here and shoot, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll do it for the rest of your life. But u think you might get into it?
CASSIE: It is better than I expected, so it’s definitely a possibility. I love the complete experience.

40something: Porn sex compared to regular sex…is it different?
CASSIE: It is pleasure. I liked it more than I reckoned to like it. The poses are interesting. I’ve learned a lot in the last Twenty four hours.

40something: What poses did u do that you’d never done?
CASSIE: Nearly all of ’em! Even the missionary here isn’t regular missionary. It’s different. They position u so the camera can get your whole body and all the act.

40something: Are u flexible?
CASSIE: More than I thought I was. And then this morning when I was shooting the stills with JMac, I guess we were doing some standing doggie thing, and this smooth operator had my leg on his shoulder. I didn’t even know I could bend that way! I’ll probably be sore the next day, but it was indeed good.

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