Cum for Brandii

Cum for Brandii

“Pull it out. Hold your subrigid dick for me,” says Brandii Banks, a 41-year-old, brace-faced divorcee and Mom from Toronto. “Oh, it’s so nice and big. I love it!”

How does she know your jock is so good and larger than average? Coz there’s no way it can’t be considering her sexy body and the super-sexy, super-strappy dress that babe is wearing. Brandii, who first appeared at this past October, is back for more this week. Today: solo fotos and episode in which she bonks her tight slit with a astronomical toy. Thursday, this babe fucks anew!

“I adore to be the center of attention,” this babe said. “I adore to be hot. I like to be provocative. Sex brings the sexiness with out me.”

That big shag toy brings out the sexiness in her.

“About 10, 15 years ago, I started with the telephone chats,” Brandi told. “Then I got into webcamming. Did some of that. Then I started doing modeling, underware, fetishes, adult film, solos, schoolgirl shoots. It all started from there.

40SOMETHING: What’s the outrageous thing you have done sexually?

BRANDII: I’ve had sex on a mini golf course. It was a castle, and once we got to that aperture we had a quick session. It was a Brandii hole in one.

40SOMETHING: Were there people on the golf course?

BRANDII: There were people on the other holes, not the one we were on. We were being very discreet and quick so nobody would catch us.

40SOMETHING: So you love having sex in public?

BRANDII: Yeah. It is a rush. The adrenaline surges. U might acquire caught. U do not know how it will go.

40SOMETHING: Does the rush assist u cum harder?

BRANDII: It definitely makes me cum faster and harder

40SOMETHING: What’s the paramount way for u to cum?

BRANDII: I just like it doggystyle. Touching my adore button. But doggie style is one that will always make me cum.

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