Devil in a blue dress

Devil in a blue dress

Dawn is a regular Mama raising four kids with her partner out in Arizona. That babe loves to go out for dinner and lap dancing, but this babe is always up for an unplanned plane travel somewhere as well. When she’s not busy being concupiscent on-camera, she’s going for a hike, watching her prefered TV videos or playing board games.

But sometimes, even the video marathons aren’t enough to keep Dawn entertained. And for her encore, Dawn is wearing a tight, blue dress. Yes, that babe is a devil with a blue dress on. That babe brandishes off her gazoo. In photo No. Twenty eight, she comes very close to mouthing her stud’s schlong down to the balls. Then this babe mounts his jock, showing off her arse some other time. Then she receives a facial.

Dawn’s fetish? “Younger bucks.”

How often does this babe have sex? “Five or six times a week. More if I can.”

That babe told us she is not a swinger, but she’d “keep us posted.”

What does that mean?

“It means it is on the agenda,” this babe told.

We offer that babe wear that blue costume for her first time. It is a winner. So is Dawn.

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