DayLynn knows what that babe desires

DayLynn knows what that babe wants

DayLynn Thomas, a 50-year-old wife, said us this babe was nervous previous to her first hardcore scene.

“Very nervous,” this babe said. “About anything. You know what you love, but u do not know what the other person can’t live with out, so u must figure it out.”

DayLynn figured it out very quickly. She figured out that the gent can’t live without deep, sloppy blow jobs. She likewise figured out that this smooth operator loves fucking her tattoed cookie and cumming in her mouth.

“Fun sex it was,” DayLynn said. “I adore my age. I know what I’ll not ever do some other time. And the things I know I savour, I am plan to do many times afresh.”

One of the things she’ll do again is screw on-camera, but that’s a story for one more day.

DayLynn is from Florida’s Gulf Coast, and that babe says that when that babe was driving to Miami for her first discharge, this babe was thinking, “My goodness, what am I getting myself into? And being undressed on-camera…and not only naked but going all the way, which my Mama would be very frustrated in. She’d say, ‘I raised you more valuable.'”

But her friends would not be surprised.

“I am a very sexual woman,” that babe told. “Most of my friends know who I am: a hot whore wife, or I would not call them my allies. However, just a pair of wives wouldn’t be pleased with me nor would my parents.”

Hey, life is also short to worry about what other people think. DayLynn doesn’t care if people know that even though that babe is married, that babe has a darksome bull slaver who has his way with her whenever that guy desires. Who tells her how to dress, what to do and how to do it. This chab was sitting just a not many feet away while this scene was being filmed.

View DayLynn’s interview to inspect more about that. Or just observe this hot wife engulf and bonk. The choice is yours.

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