Donna’s Pearl Necklace

Donna's Pearl Necklace

“It’s an salute to be 65 and doing this,” said Donna Davidson, who’s married and is here with the blessing of her
spouse. “I think a lot of 65-year-olds would not wanna let their bodies be on digital camera, but I feel love I’ve worked indeed rigid to take care of mine, so it’s pleasure to be here.” Donna, the joy is all ours, and by the way, we think u look very classy wearing these pearls. They look great up against your pink pussy. “I’m usually more free and easy,” this babe said. “I usually don’t wear pearls.”

Donna, who calls herself “the hot girl-next-door,” lives in Montana and enjoys working in the garden, hiking, cross-country skiing and other outdoor pursuits. This babe isn’t a swinger-“I live in such a miniature town, you’d must invite the
complete town to a party!”- and is a soft-spoken mistress who seems to know she’s sexy but doesn’t flaunt it…except
for her boyfriend, who bought her the outfit she’s wearing in those pictures. Smart stud. Fortunate woman chaser. “I do not watch
much TV,” that babe said. “I’m also busy. But me and my spouse always find time to have tons of sex.”

Her mammaries overflowing her brassiere, her legs spread to give us a precious view of her cookie, Donna looks straight into the digi camera and invites you to discharge your load. It’s a bold pose that says all you get to know about her self-confidence and sexuality. “I know tons of boyz out there’re going to be looking at my pix and fantasizing
about me,” she said. “That makes me feel worthwhile. I not ever thought I’d be 65 years mature and someone’s pinup dream.”
Our covergirl, likewise. “Not bad for a 65-year-old, right?”

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