Ego Tour On A Large Weenie

Ego Voyage On A Bigger in size than standard Dick

“Nobody rogering tells me that I am a lousy lay! I cant believe that shit. I’m assured and everything, but after my partner of five years told me that, I was a little unsure of myself. I thought, ‘Shit, could I’ve just gotten so comfortable in this relationship that I prevented trying?’ I had to know, so I fucked the first buck I met! I put my priceless C-cups in his face and sucked his dong the unsurpassable I could. I made sure to get lots of spit on it and suck really hard and moan so this fellow knew how much I liked it. When I got on top to fuck him, I did all the work. Some girls are just inactive and kind of sit there whilst the lad drills away, but I made sure to work my thighs so all this ladies man had to do was lay there and have pleasure the show. A lousy lay my wazoo!”

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