For Ami, turning 40 was the enchantment

For Ami, turning Fourty was the charm

She is a 40-year-old M.I.L.F. who’s learned that sex starts after Fourty. And acquire this: That babe can even squirt on demand! That babe was the church woman. The lady down the block who dropped her 2 kids off at school in the morning, went home to clean the house and sold some cosmetics door-to-door in the afternoon. She was the woman-next-door. The everyday, archetypal housewife, living the everyday, archetypical life. Her sex life was nothing specific. In fact, it was boring. No thing we’d write about.

But then Ami Charms turned 40. Paramours of 40 something honeys know that large things happen sexually to a female when this babe turns 40. Three years ago, something greater than average happened to Ami. That babe did not merely detect her sexuality. She turned into a sex-bomb, ready to give blow jobs to the pizza delivery skirt chaser, bonk in broad daylight while driving down the street and get her cunt eaten on a hotel balcony whilst a crowd cheered her on. This babe is done all that, and then some. And she isn’t slowing down. Not at all.

If you can come up with smth mad for Ami to do, she’ll gladly do it. As long as it involves sex. Check her out.

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