Smth To Sweat About

Something To Sweat About

Katya’s got a problem. Her air conditioning is not working and this babe is indeed hawt. This babe calls for a repairman, but gets sidetracked while she’s awaiting for him and works up a sweat with a little masturbation action. So, by the time the repairman arrives at her door, the last thing on Katya’s mind is getting the air fixed. The 1st thing on her mind? Getting her cookie filled! She doesn’t waste time in coming on to the air conditioning fellow, and this Lothario doesn’t put up any kind of fight. In a short time this chab is getting his weenie sucked-right down to the base-and then the couple receive into sexy and heavy banging on the couch. If u adore loud sex, then this is for you, because Katya is loud… truly loud!

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