Lawn lads always get the trim

Lawn guys always receive the trim

Rocky the gardener is watering the lawn when 63-year-old Mona walks up and suggests him a glass of water. He looks her over and compliments her.

“You look marvelous wonderful yourself,” Mona says. “Would u like to move inside?”

He would but not for more water. For a oral joy and bonk. Rocky face-fucks her, too. By the way, he might be the lawn lad, but that smooth operator did not trim Mona’s lawn. You know, the one between her legs. It is shaggy. That smooth operator ploughs it with his pecker.

Mona was born in Illinois and lives in Colorado. This babe is married. That babe is a Mother. She’s miniature and has a constricted body. Rocky’s shlong is large. She can take it.

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