If u spell Naomi backwards, it spells I MOAN. This Georgia peach does moan, too. She is got a bulky, smooth twat that that babe loves filling with ramrods, fingers and tongues. She’s a smutty gal. Just inspect some of the shit she told when we were backstage.

NM: Do u have any fetishes?
NW: No, not really.

NM: Then what are your carnal dreams?
NW: Having to shag my teacher for an A, or seducing my step-dad. I too truly wanna be tied up.

NM: Have u ever had sex in public?
NW: Oh yes. I have screwed in parking lots before. Oh, and my husband fucked me in the Forever21 dressing room!

You can hear more about Naomi’s exploits in her clip. She starts out very nervous, but receives more comfortable as in a short time as her hot outfit come off.

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