Rita Daniels: the unyielding sell

Rita Daniels: the hard sell

This clip was inspired by Rita Daniels‘ former real-life occupation. She sold sexy tubs! At the start of the movie, John is sat at home, watching TV, when Rita’s classified ad for hawt tubs comes on. This chap calls the number, and this babe is kooky to come over to his abode and give him her personal sales pitch.

Well, Rita’s sales pitch includes her wearing a short suit that her larger than average juggs are pouring out of. The thing is, that babe doesn’t seem to be making a sale until this babe begins touching him all over, working her hand up to his crotch. Hey, we thought that babe was supposed to make him looser, not harder!

Before long, Rita’s bazookas are out all the way, she’s sucking his shlong (deeply, sloppily with saliva strings; view the POV angle, likewise) and this babe is bouncing up and down on his rod. Stress reliever? Damn, yes! About Twenty minutes later, John is relieving his stress all over Rita’s face. But we still do not know about Rita’s sales technique. Who needs hot tubs when u can have MILF fur pie?

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