A Worthwhile One, Ryan!

A Precious One, Ryan!

Supposedly, Ryan has to make a video for a high school course on TV productions. That babe calls a long time boy ally and asks him to come over to drill her for the clip ‘coz other allies have said that that guy is got a bigger in size than run of the mill ding-dong. Of course, this chab comes right over and, to give him credit, he does ask about the episode. Ryan says it is supposed to be about human relations-which this babe has interpreted as fucking. So the boy acquiesces and films Ryan stripping and mouthing his ding-dong. Then they hump on the sofa, and that ladies man gives her a facial howdy as thank’s. A lot of this is shot in POV, putting u in the action. So, did Ryan indeed have to make the movie for her course? Who the shag cares?

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