Sandra Ann is 75. The lad is 27!

Sandra Ann is 75. The lad is Twenty seven!

“Oral sex is the almost all gratifying thing a mistresse can do for a dude, but it also pleases me,” says 75-year-old Sandra Ann, our oldest Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK ever. “I can actually climax giving a woman chaser oral-service. And I like to swallow.”

At the end of this scene, Sandra Ann proves how much this babe loves cum by mouthing her youthful chap to the verge of climax then having him jack into her face hole. Some of his cum drips down her chin, but that babe slurps up the rest and cleans up his ramrod using her mouth and tongue. Each lady in the world should be required to take fellatio lessons from Sandra Ann. The world would be a much happier place.

“I’m 75,” Sandra Ann says in the brief interview at the initiate of this episode. “I’ll be 76 in July. I like sex. I love bucks. Age is just a number.”

Juan, the stud she is mouthing and rogering in this scene, is Twenty seven, more than youthful enough to be Sandra Ann’s grandson.

The truth is, there aren’t lots of 75-year-olds love Sandra Ann, but there is at least one, and we’ve got her.