Hello, Tammi Sue, Hello Erection!

Hello, Tammi Sue, Hi Stiffy!

Here’s Tammi Sue, a 46-year-old divorcee from San Diego, California, who got her pussy eaten halfway throughout her interview elsewhere on 40SomethingMag.com. Excerpts pursue, but that’s just about all you need to know about her. But we’ll tell u more in any case.

40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Tell us where were u born, Tammi.
TAMMI SUE: I was born in Naples, Italy. My father was in the service so I lived there for a pair of years.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: And then moved to?
TAMMI SUE: San Diego, California.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: So are u a divorcee on the prowl then?
TAMMI SUE: I’m a cougar. I always date younger studs.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: How much younger?
TAMMI SUE: In their 30s. Not late Thirtys, younger 30’s.
TAMMI SUE: They’re a little more pleasure, more energetic. They can keep up.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Where do you like to meet studs?
TAMMI SUE: Wherever. I meet people driving, during work. I meet clients.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: So, those 30-year-olds who keep up. It has to be once a day? One time a day isn’t inflexible to keep up, is it?
TAMMI SUE: Once a day isn’t. But sometimes I want it more than that. I like to wake up in the morning and have a quickie. It doesn’t have to be full-blown romantic sex every night.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: When the Lothario is eating your bawdy cleft, should this chab be on your clitoris the complete time or bouncing around?
TAMMI SUE: Bouncing around. I’ll let him know what I love and don’t adore.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Okay, I am plan to go down the list with u. Do u have kids?
TAMMI SUE: Yep, 2.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: How about having your cookie eaten during the time that people view?
TAMMI SUE: In this environment, sure.
TAMMI SUE: He swings as well. We pair swing solely.
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Always in the same room with each other?
40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Tammy, we’re plan to let Juan receive back to eating you out.
TAMMI SUE: Thanks. I am having lots of fun!

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