Up-close and personal with Jenna and her mind boggling, suckable nip

Up-close and personal with Jenna and her outstanding, suckable nip

Jenna Covelli, a 50-year-old Mama of 2 from California, proceeds her debut week at 50PlusMILFs.com by sitting down for an interview.
“I’m randy,” Jenna says. But that babe says she’d be less nervous if that babe had a cock in her hand. Either hand. “I’m ambidextrous when it comes to shlong,” she says.
Born in Oakland, California, now living in Palm Springs, California, Jenna has an L.A. face with an Oakland arse, and that’s definitely a worthy thing. As for her areolas…well, we cant name the geographic region they come from, although “Long” Island or “Long” Beach would be appropriate.
“They’re 3 quarters of an inch lengthy,” Jenna says as she pops out those 2 miracles at the end of her boobies. “I measured them myself. People have asked me if I’ve areola implants. I just snicker. I did not think there was such a thing as a teat implant.”

Hey, maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. Here’s what we do know: Jenna is 5’8″, 130 pounds and measures 36-25-36…the same as this babe measured 20 years agone…close to what this babe measured Thirty years ago. She likes exercising, especially Cross-Fit. In fact, after a day of fucking in our studio, Jenna headed down to the Cross-Fit down the block for an hour-long workout.
“When u feel hot, sex is so much better,” Jenna says.
She can’t live out of her body. U will, likewise.

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