The like canal of Venice

The love canal of Venice

Venice, who’s 50 and has not ever been married, comes without a stall in a ladies restroom, rolling down her skirt. She’s wearing a taut top that reveals plenty of E-cup deep cleavage and a petticoat that’s very short. How short? Well, when that babe bows over to wash her hands and fix her makeup, her arse is nearly totally undressed. Does that babe know it? That babe get to. There’s too much wazoo showing for her not to know it. She adjusts her top to expose more breast valley, clearly planning to entice her date, but it seems as if the seducing has already been done. He enters the baths and comes up behind her.

“What are you doing in here?” she says. “We’re in a restaurant.”

That doesn’t matter. He craves her, and that babe urges him, likewise. In the superlatively nice way. In the nastiest way. On the baths floor and whilst she’s bent over the sink. See how nice Venice’s shaven wet crack looks while she is getting rogered. View how her larger than standard fun bags jiggle during the time that she is getting drilled on the washroom floor. Yep, Venice is a chic lady. But when it comes to snatch and cock, class has no thing to do with it.

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