You’ve been served!

You've been served!

“I know u had a long day so I cooked dinner for u,” 52-year-old Summer Sands tells her skirt chaser. She pours him a glass of wine.

“Honey, you’re the finest,” this man says.

Summer not solely cooked dinner. Sshe made herself smokin’ sexy in a taut costume that flaunts a lot of deep cleavage.

“Let me cut u some meat,” Summer tells him.

Cut meat? That sounds scary until we realize she really intends to cut his meat loaf. Which also sounds scary.

She pokes her breast valley in her face. That is not scary.

“Forget about this dinner. I wanna go str8 to dessert,” this chab says.

“I’ve got some dessert for you,” Summer says.

Her whoppers. Her wet crack. Dinner is served.

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